What Is RPAC?

RPAC is the REALTORS® POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE and it supports candidates who support the real estate industry. It is a competitive field. There are over 4,000 PACs registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

It is also important to know what RPAC is not. RPAC does not buy votes. RPAC is NON PARTISAN. Our members are Independents, Democrats and Republicans. We are the REALTOR® Party.


What is Issues Mobilization?

The purpose is to support or oppose federal, state, and local issues that impact real property in North Dakota. It shall also support grassroots lobbying and education efforts related thereto. Committee funds shall not be used to support candidates or for any other purpose prohibited by federal, state, or local law. It also provides assistance and/or funding in legal situations which may be of general impact upon NDAR members. This would include, but not limited to, potential or actual litigation or proposed action or acts by government entities (i.e. HFA – HUD – IRS – Zoning Boards, City or County Boards, State Agencies, etc.)


Why Invest?

Why do REALTORS® have a PAC? RPAC helps to open doors and encourages lawmakers to keep an open mind on our issues. They are not the experts on home sales and what is happening in the real estate industry, you are. RPAC is also an advocate for home ownership. If individuals can’t purchase homes due to “bad” legislation it will not only affect the real estate industry but other sections of the economy. RPAC is a leader, well respected and the #1 PAC in the country when it comes to making contributions to candidates. Who do you want representing you in Congress? The # 1 PAC has a voice and is a player, not a victim.

Through RPAC we can support candidates who understand our industry. The National RPAC Trustees make the final decision on what candidates are funded and the amount candidates are funded at the federal level.  They do not make those decisions without recommendations from the state RPAC trustees.


Where does the money go?

Every dollar collected for RPAC is given to candidates. None of those contributions are used for staff salary, travel or administration. RPAC may not raise as much money as other PACs, but you can be sure that every dollar you raise for RPAC is given to candidates that support the real estate industry.


The Split?

Seventy percent of all RPAC collections of personal (as opposed to corporate) contributions remain in the state in which they are collected for use in supporting candidates for state and local office. The other 30 percent is forwarded to National RPAC for use in supporting candidates for federal office and other federal political activities. The 70% is then split between the local board who raised the funds and the state association. The split is determined by the state RPAC Trustees committee each year. Typically the split is more than 75% back to the local board.


Updated as of 5/8/13